American Public Gardens Association
2020 Conference
Portland, Oregon June 22-26, 2020

Leadership, Innovation, and Advocacy

Envisioning the next generation garden through successful leadership, at all levels, will take an institution and its staff to new heights and foster organizational excellence. How do you cultivate new talent, know when strategies have been successful, or apply cutting-edge ideas to economic, environmental, and social sectors? How do you determine strategic imperatives and ensure the success of new initiatives while increasing the relevancy and viability of your garden?

Targeted Communities:
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Program Selection Committee Contacts:
Clayton Bass

Program Selection Committee Chair
President & CEO
Santa Fe Botanical Garden
(505) 471-9103;

Ruby Swanson
General Manager
University of Alberta Botanic Garden
(780) 492-3168;


Keith Kaiser
Executive Director
Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
(412) 444-4464 x225;