JUNE 25 - JULY 9 2020

Inspiring Resiliency in a Changing World
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Corporate Partner Workshop
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Thu July, 09 - 2:10pm to 3:10pm
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Public gardens have the unique opportunity to lead and inspire the transformation of the urban environment toward a more resilient world. Landscapes of the future must celebrate biodiversity and must offer meaningful connections to the natural environment. People must be able to experience inspiring places that reference local ecologies and that promote the integration of habitats for pollinators and wildlife with plant species that are well-adapted to change.

In this session, we will explore how your institution can lead and inspire a more resilient and diverse landscape for our cities. We will examine how design should integrate research and science throughout the creative process such as to synthesize aesthetics and sustainability, and to promote new cultural values and landscape typologies. This approach becomes less about presenting plant collections as isolated segments within individual exhibits; rather, it presents collections as deeply connected to the larger systems they are a part of. In this way, public gardens act as both source of inspiration for beauty, but also as vital habitat and resource for other living systems and non-human species.


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