American Public Gardens Association
2020 Conference
Portland, Oregon June 22-26, 2020

2020 Presenter and Moderator Information

This page contains all pertinent information for 2020 Conference Presenters and Moderators.


A/V & Room Set-up Information

IMPORTANT - We do not provide laptops.
Presenters & moderators are responsible for bringing a laptop from which to run the presentation(s). If this machine is not HDMI compatible, the Association can provide the necessary adapters.

Audio / Visual Equipment:
The Standard A/V package that will be provided for both concurrent sessions and workshops includes the following:

 - LCD projector 

 - Screen

 - Power strip and cabling

 - Presentation remote w/laser pointer

 - 1 wired microphone at the podium

 - 1 HDMI line at podium (to run sound from laptop)

 - 1 wired microphone at the head table (for panelists to share)​

If you have special needs that are not covered by the Standard Package described here, please fill out this form by Wednesday, April 8 with your request and the name of the session/workshop to which it applies. We will do everything we can to try and accommodate your needs.

In the event you have any technical questions you need addressed, please contact Tyler Hale at as soon as possible.  


Room Set-Up:

Concurrent sessions and professional community meetings will be provided with a podium and head table at the front of the room with theater style seating for attendees.

Workshops will be provided with a podium and head table at the front of the room and classroom style seating for attendees.

You are welcome to rearrange furniture but we ask that you please return it to its original setting before the end of your session, so that it's ready for the next event.


2020 Conference PowerPoint Presentations:

Presenters can use whatever template they choose but should format presentations based on the appropriate dimensions to ensure they display properly.

IMPORTANT: Dimensions for presentations this year should be formatted in widescreen 16:9 size.

CLICK HERE for helpful tips on preparing and delivering accessible and inclusive presentations at this year's event.



The Association reserves the right to compile all accepted proposals into special session format of exactly 15 slides timed at 20 seconds per slide for each presentation. Contact Tommy Rosenbluth, Program Coordinator, at or (484) 586-3630 with any questions.



The author must be a current undergraduate or graduate student, a student intern, or a recently graduated student (within the past year) who conducted their work prior to graduation. Students must be from accredited institutions of higher education. The person presenting the abstract must be the author or a co-author of the abstract. Accepted student presenters must be registered and paid in full for the Annual Conference by April 19, 2020. Otherwise, the Association will remove the abstract from the program.

The Abstract Review and Selection Committee has full authority to accept or reject an abstract upon evaluation of the title and abstract. Rejection of an abstract will be considered final. Contact Tommy Rosenbluth, Program Coordinator, at or (484) 586-3630 with any questions.



*Posters will be displayed in the Atrium Foyer are near Registration in the Hilton Portland Downtown.

*Allotted space: 4' x 4' Be sure poster doesn't exceed these dimensions.

*Set-Up: Monday, June 22, 4:30 - 7:00 PM

*Poster Session and Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 23, 4:30 - 6:00 PM. Please plan to stand by your poster to answer questions and discuss.

*Final Poster Session: Thursday, June 25, 10:45 - 11:45 AM. Please plan to stand by your poster to anwer questions and dicuss.

*Take Down Deadline: Thursday, June 25, 2:30 PM

View our Poster Design and Construction Guidelines for more tips and suggestions for poster presenters

Contact Pam Allenstein, Manager, Plant Collections Network, at or 610-708-3015 with any questions.



The American Public Gardens Association is glad to be working with you! The Association respects you, so here we make our expectations clear. The following rules outline, at a high level, what we expect when you represent the Association in an official capacity or when you will communicate to our Association membership. These are our expectations: keep it professional, keep it respectful, and keep it excellent. View our full policy and guidelines here.