JUNE 25 - JULY 9 2020

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Recent Projects

  • Re-Group

    The world and how we operate in it looks very different than it did even a few months ago. Gardens across the globe have been affected, leaving many to wonder how to move forward. The 2020 Virtual Conference is our chance to come back together as a community and support, inform, and restore one another.

  • Re-Focus

    Gain valuable insight and hear relevant advice from respected colleagues on how to re-craft your garden for a changed world through virtual sessions, live Q&A, and digital poster, student, and rapid-fire presentations. Explore this exciting new frontier with us in a modern, accessible format.

  • Re-Connect

    Interact with your peers and keep the conversation going in our Virtual Conference discussion groups, regular Association discussion groups, and social media platforms. Reconnect with dear friends and join us for some much-needed fun at our online reception. Know that you're not alone and that we're in this together!

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